Apart from a complete overview of publications presented here, we also scanned a few older publications and made them available in pdf-format.

In the field of Biblical Hebrew these are:
Reading Ruth (1)
The Hebrew particle אך
The Nominal Clause reconsidered.

In the field of Punic the following texts were scanned:
A remark on a votive text from Constantine (KAI 162)
I wrote 43 characters
"A few remarks on some Neo-Punic texts"
"The Neo-Punic text from Ain Zakkar"
"The concluding formulae in Punic Votive Inscriptions"
"A note on the inscription H. Maktar N 39"
"Some Neo-Punic Coin Legends"
"Use of vowel letters in Neo-Punic texts from Guelma"
"A remark on late Punic syntax"

Only to be found here are the following notes on Welsh subjects:
Jasper Griffith and his name in Hebrew characters
A Note on a Fiery Pharaoh