The text of the Gododdin, for reference use.

Every page renders one page of the manuscript. The page numbering added in the manuscript is presented in bold on the first line of every page. The line numbering is, of course, modern.
In the text the line numbering of Ifor Williams' edition is given, and, at the beginning of each verse, the verse numbering according to Ifor Williams, in Roman lettering, the one used by Jarman, in Arabic ciphers, and then the one of Jackson, always preceded by A or B; all in superscript between brackets. Within this numbering system GT indicates “Gwarchan Tutvwlch,”, GA “Gwarchan Adebon,” GK/GC “Gwarchan Kynvelyn,” and GM “Gwarchan Maelderw.”

In the representation of the text we have retained the difference between s and ſ, between y and , and also between r and .
Later additions in the manuscript are rendered in another colour.
Where the background of the text is yellow the main text has been written by hand B.
The different forms of the letters are displayed more or less correctly when using the font known as Junicode. Note that this font must be installed on the computer on which the text will be used.
The text is downloadable in Open Document Format (gododdin_text.odt), and in the format used by Microsoft Word (gododdin_text.doc), or, in a more secure form, as a pdf-file (gododdin_text_junicode_font.pdf).

For the Open Document Format, cf. LibreOffice, Open Source personal productivity suite for Windows, Macintosh and Linux.